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Services for students

Orientation - Study help

Study Help Area

Tel. +39 045 8028588
The Study Help area is the first point of reference for students requiring information about the formative offer of the university, along with procedures of pre-enrolment and enrolment and services activated by the university. The presence on the territory is commonly carried out through several initiatives, such as:

  • Open days, devoted to the orientation, in order to let high school students visit the different faculties, attend the introduction offered by professors and visit the university premises with a guide.
  • The Cicero Project, carried out in cooperation with the Regional Administration, turns the teaching offer of the Venetian universities into a telematic project, available on line at Morevoer, the section “Univenetorienta” aims at providing students with orientation tests, offering advice about post-diploma study programs responding to students’ needs, so as to lead to a more conscious choice in case of matriculation.
  • Welcoming students Service: the service is activated in Summer during pre-enrolment and enrolment time, in order to offer support to the students who enter university, also thanks to senior students trained for the purpose, by informing them on the new formative offer, the enrolment procedures and the services activated by the university and the ESU-ARDSU in Verona.
  • OrientaNews Project: the project aims at offering information on dates, administrative deadlines, announcements of competitions, scholarships, tax exemptions, loans, students’ mobility, trainings, stages and seminars, initiatives of orientation and other information useful to the university life by sending two monthly newsletters, the former devoted to the students enrolled at the University of Verona, the latter for high school students.
  • Seminars concerning the methods of study: they are organized at the beginning of the first academic term, in order to provide students, in particular first-year ones, with the necessary strategies to acquire an adequate methodology for the university study and the preparation of exams.
  • Orientation events: each year the university is present with a stand at some of the most representative orientation events at national level.

Graduate studies (POST-LAUREAM)

Graduate Studies Area

Tel. +39 045 842 5216 / 5215

The area is responsible for: (a) the Schools of Specialisation, (b) the organization of sessions of State Exams for the qualification to the different professions; (c) the administrative part of Masters, (d) Further Training and professional refresher courses, and (e) the coordination and the administrative-financial management of formative activities funded by the European Social Fund, the Venetian Regional Administration and other organizations.

Foreign students: how to enroll

Students’ Secretary – Service for foreign students

Tel. +39 045 802 8167 / 8680
e-mail - -
web site: link

Students coming from non-EU countries and living abroad are required to show the pre-enrolment request to the Italian Diplomatic Office abroad by the deadlines set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs each year. Students coming from EU or from non-EU countries but living in Italy, are supposed to pre-enrol via the web site They also have to fill in the first-year students questionnaire (which is not requested for non-EU students living abroad). In order to enrol to the University of Verona, the following documents are needed: - high school diploma in original version (at least 12 years of school) - declaration released by the Italian Embassy of the country where students got the high school diploma, with corresponding legalization and translation of document into Italian. Such documents have to be presented to the Foreign Office. Enrolment has to be concluded by 31/10 each year; alternatively, students can complete their enrolment by 15/12, paying a fine of € 50.

Language Centre

Language Centre (CLA)

Tel. +39 045 8028704
e-mail: segreteria.cla
web site:

It is an inter-faculty centre, offering support activities for the teaching and learning of modern languages, including Italian for Foreigners. It organizes cycles of tutorials with the purpose of favouring the acquisition of the skills required for each level of competence, according to the framework of the Council of Europe (Common European framework of reference for Languages). It releases the certifications of linguistic competence; it promotes the production of original didactic material and innovative procedures of assessment; it promotes and organizes training courses and linguistic/didactic refresher courses (teacher training).

Stage and vocational training

Stage and Vocational training Office

Tel. +39 045 802 8287 / 8787 / 8184

The University of Verona offers its undergraduates and newly-graduates the chance to experience a stage at firms, organizations and professional offices, with which the university has stable cooperative relationships. The office is responsible for the search of stage offers by firms and for the activation and management of curricular and extra-curricular stages: the former aiming at the fulfilment of university training, the latter devoted to the acquisition of specific professional skills and favouring the placement of post-graduates in the working field.
The university also offers the chance to train with several organizations of national level, thanks to the Training Programs agreements promoted by the CRUI Foundation (the Conference of Deans of Italian Universities).

Stage Area (“Spazio Stage”)

In order to favour the spreading of formative and orienting training, along with the need to meet the request and offer of stage opportunities, the University of Verona adds an area of virtual communication to the daily front office activity. “Stage Area” is a computer system for the management of the stage offers coming from firms, organizations and professional offices and from the requests expressed by undergraduates and newly-graduates. This helps the management of the service offered by the office to get easier and simpler, by favouring a more effective and quicker “matching” of requests and stage offers. Hence, more and more requests are met.

Stages abroad

The chance to carry out a stage abroad is offered mainly through the programs promoted by the CRUI Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Commerce Chamber abroad, and also through the Erasmus Placement and the Leonardo program, aimed to undergraduates and newly graduates.

Vocational training

Together with ESU Ardsu, the University of Verona runs initiatives to favour the access of undergraduates and graduates to work, by promoting their knowledge of the structures and logic of the work market, and by favouring chances of direct meeting with representatives of the productive realities, such as: (a) Vocational training seminars, aiming to support the participants in the discovery of the work realities; (b) Professional Workshops, allowing students to learn the features, skills and career paths of specific professions; (c) Career Days, favouring meetings with firm representatives to provide students with a direct contact with the work realities and to create relationships for the development of cooperation agreements with the working field.

Fixo project - Training and innovation for the Employment

Being part of the Fixo project – Training and innovation for the Employment, organized by the Ministry of Work and Social Security – the University of Verona promotes 180 stages, called “trainings of work access”, aimed exclusively to students who are about to graduate and to graduates. Such courses are characterized by a particular focus on “hitting the target”, with reference to the needs of candidates, to increase the chances of employment.


Area of Right to Study and Vocational Training
Tel. +39 045 802 8711
web site: link

Economic facilities and other services

The Area deals with academic policies supporting students during their whole formative path. It promotes merit through specific economic and financial support, and establishes a link with firms, organizations and external institutions, in order to offer students who are about to graduate and to graduates chances of professional access through tools of vocational training.

In order to access facilities, foreign students coming from non-EU countries are considered “non-residential”, notwithstanding their place of residence in Italy, except when their family lives in Italy.

Up to 3% of the regional resources addressed to the scholarships for first-year students (Italian, EU and non-EU students) is generally reserved to the non-EU students who enrol to the first year of any course. In the case of students coming from particularly poor countries, the evaluation of the economic condition is made on the basis of a certification of the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the country of origin, attesting that the student does not belong to a family of high income or high social level (see table at (LIST OF DEVELOPPING COUNTRIES).

Incentives for praiseworthy students

Praiseworthy students, including those with foreign citizenship, are helped thanks to the exemption of the first instalment of fees. Full-time students enrolled at the first year of undergraduate and graduate courses who have totalled at least 50 credits by the 30/09 of each year will get a reduction on the second instalment of the taxes for the second year. The benefit will be given through reimbursement or through reduction till the expiration of the total amount of the due charges. The University can awards benefits to those students who graduate within the terms of normal duration of undergraduate and graduate courses and who will later enrol to a Master course, to Schools of Specialisation for legal Professions or to Schools of Specialisation of the Health Area. Benefits are awarded through reimbursement or through reduction till the expiration of the total amount of the charges due for the first academic year of the course following the graduation.

“Give them credit!”

The University promotes (a) financial loans for up to ? 6.000 to students enrolled in university courses of all levels, without further guarantees for the payment of fees or university charges, (b) Erasmus programs, (c) the purchase of notebooks, and (d) the payment of costs linked to the “non-residential” location, such as safety and/or estate agency costs.


Palazzo Giuliari
Via dell’Artigliere, 8

The service, offered in cooperation with the Don Mazza Institute, is free of charge and allows students to test their method of study, to understand and remove possible stumbling blocks and anxiety, and to be helped in the planning of their future career.

Centre for people with disability

Tel. +39 045 802 8786 / 8593
web site: link

The Centre offers several services and aims at favouring the integration of the disabled within the university context, by helping him/her with the attendance of lectures. Among the several services, it offers escorting, specialized tutorship, administrative and bureaucratic support, transport, alternative didactic material, personalized exams and other services to help such students throughout their study path. The Centre also operates in order to help the disabled to sit the entry test, thanks to experts of Braille transcription, interpreters of the Sign Language, and special computer tools. The Centre cooperates with all the university structures in order to simplify the student’s obligations.

Other services

Sustainable mobility

Thanks to “Sustainable Mobility”, the University of Verona favours means of lower impact on the environment and on man and promotes the use of public or private collective transport, in order to help reduce pollution causes and accidents, as required in several agreements and protocols at international level. Moreover, it aims at reducing the space used by transport means. Among the measures for students, we highlight two covered parks for bicycles, free of charges and protected by controlled access with dedicated badges.

European Computer Driving Licence

The University of Verona offers all students the chance to get the European Licence for Computers (Ecdl - European Computer Driving Licence). This opportunity is part of a wider project permitting students to attend computer courses for beginners; the syllabus of such courses focuses also on cultural aspects of computer sciences and on practical aspects, necessary for the use of modern computers. Each student can sit the seven tests and get the ECDL by paying a fixed charge to the University. They can sit for the ECDL exams at the test centre of their faculty or at the centre of the Department of Computer Sciences. For further information about the test centre of the university and about programs and exams, please check the website


The e-learning service of the University, active since 01/10/2008, promotes cooperative learning, which has several integrated components. Its target is to allow students to attend the virtual community of the University and access the contents made available by the professors of the different courses. The service fulfils also the expectations of the teaching staff, since it allows them to enrich their teaching offer by means of multi-media tools, forums, chats, quizzes, and questionnaires and by providing a variety of cooperative activities, helping students in their ideal formative path. The service, intended for the integrations of the systems of the University, is available at

Associations and student groups

At the University of Verona there are several associations and student groups, providing conferences, parties, support measures for freshers, foreign student welcoming, radio, TV, cinema and much more. Gathered around the Table of Associations, these activities enliven the experiences of the students of the University of Verona. Web site: Radio & Community.

The service of ESU (Regional organization for the right to study)

ESU A.R.D.S.U - Services to the Student Area
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 Verona Tel. 045 8052861


Courses of Italian language and culture at different levels are organized each year in August in order to help foreign students enter the university of Verona and to favour exchange programs with foreign Universities.


The fiduciary loan, called ““Unicredit ad Honorem”, in cooperation with Unicredit Bank- ESU A.R.D.S.U. of Verona, ensures students higher professional, scientific and cultural training, by giving back the obtained sum thanks to the professional and social position offered by studies. Students will be able to receive a loan, awarded each year, for all the duration of the course of study (maximum 3 years). For further information:

Accomodation and Refectories


ESU A.R.D.S.U – Office of Administration of accommodation
Tel +39 045 8052835 / 834

The ESU A.R.D.S.U – i.e. the regional organization for the right to study – offers 350 places of accommodation in modern structures located close to the different University premises. The service is awarded from October to July and the place is allotted through competition to all “non-residential” students enrolled at the University of Verona, the Academy of Arts and the Music school “E. F. Dall’Abaco”, depending on merit and income. The competition is held in July and August each year. Both freshers and non-freshers can take part in the competition.

Summer residences

Students who already have an accommodation can extend their permanence for the period August-September, by presenting a written request each year by 15/03. Service of accommodation search/offer The ESU A.R.D.S.U has entrusted ISU s.r.l (International Students Union) with selecting requests, providing information on availability and accommodation offers:
ISU Verona
Via Campofiore, 17 – Verona
Tel +39 045 8034563
web site:


The restaurant services of the ESU A.R.D.S.U. offer a great variety of choices and quality of meals, also with special menus to satisfy the different cultural and religious needs, with specific attention to those who suffer from alimentary intolerances.

Entrance to refectories is permitted only if in possess of the “ESU card”, the new rechargeable card, which can be used also as VISA Electron credit card and which allows access to all ESU A.R.D.S.U. facilities and services. Restaurant rates. They are usually fixed according to requirements of income and merit and depending on the typology of the meal chosen. They vary from a minimum of € 1.40 to a maximum of € 5.20.

“S. Francesco” – Cultural Pole of Veronetta. It has over 400 seats, provides services of pizzeria with wood-burning oven and bar service. Address: Viale dell’Università, 4 Tel. 045 8026084.
“Le Grazie” – Scientific Pole of Borgo Roma. It has over 500 seats, provides services of traditional restaurant and offers grill service. The Bar service with more than 20 seats inside and 120 outside is about to be activated. Address: Strada Le Grazie, 8; Tel. 045 583324.